How I got to the “Lake”


Before I started the drawing “Lake,” I was envisioning similar images from “Floating Figures.”  I wanted to draw one circular figure that fills the whole paper.  Though when I had the basic wire lines transferred, I couldn’t find the connecting lines to make such a figure.  What I only saw were the lines going across from left to right.  It wasn’t easy to drop my original idea but I changed my plan and started connecting those horizontal lines.  And they looked like mountain ridge.

When I came back to the drawing the next day, I was stuck with the bottom portion of my sketch.  There were too many lines crowded and I couldn’t find the connecting lines to make a mountain ridge as easy as yesterday.  It was like solving a puzzle.  I just had to guess which lines won’t going to be needed and erased them and kept looking for connecting lines.  And the next interesting marks formed a circular shape.  It was a lake!  In the middle of the mountains.  Now it all finally made sense: there are mountains, a lake inside and streams coming down.  It was like I left for a journey to find a lake if it were a real life.

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