30 Artwork giveaway


As a celebration of my 30th birthday this year, I am giving away 30 pieces of artwork! If you and I know each other, you can participate in this raffle. I am also opening it up to my friends’ friends, so if you know your friends would like an art piece, please share this message and invite them to join.

To view a bigger image of these 30 artworks, check out the “30 Artwork Giveaway” photo album on my facebook page (https://goo.gl/RkAalg). Comment on this post with your name (and who you know me through if you are my friends’ friend), and the numbers of your first to third choices.

If you have a facebook account, you can participate there by giving a heart to the piece you would like the most. Then, give a like to two of your next choices. Doing so will enter you into the raffle.

The raffle closes Tuesday, May 24th and the announcement will be made the next day.

Shipping note:
I will be happy to hand deliver the piece if you are close by. If the piece needs to be mailed, please cover shipping cost.

Art show reception at the Studio Gallery l April 2016

I had a wonderful art show at the Studio Gallery in April. We had a very fun First Friday night of the month with lots of dynamic gallery hoppers and the wonderful artist reception a week later. Thank you all who came out to support me, other artists, and the DC arts. I really appreciate your comments and compliments, and sharing your ideas with me. And my sincere gratitude to my friends, family, and colleagues for your warm thoughts and best wishes from near and far!

These are some photos from the reception evening on Saturday, April 9th.


Announcement of my art exhibition, “Making a Mark: Addition and Subtraction”

I would like to invite you to the artist reception of my upcoming exhibition, “Making a Mark: Addition and Subtraction”, at the Studio Gallery , 2108 R St. NW Washington DC 20008.  It takes place on Saturday, April 9, from 4 – 6pm.

If you are unable to attend the reception, you can also see my exhibition and submerge yourself into DC’s contemporary art scene on April 1st from 6 – 8pm, during “First Friday Dupont”, when about a dozen galleries in Dupont open their doors on the first Friday of every month.  Please note that this event actually takes place before the artist reception.

The exhibition will then be on view from March 30 through April 23.  The gallery hours are Wednesday to Friday from 1 – 6pm and Saturday from 11am – 6pm.

Hope to see you at one of the openings!


Make your mark!

Thanks so much for everyone who came out to our “Spring Open Studio” last Saturday at DC Arts Studios and contributed to the community collaboration drawing!  Hope everyone had fun making their marks.  Below is the drawing at the end of the day.  I will start to transform the drawing further and update you with the final result soon.  Stay tuned!

makee your mark

collaboration mid result

How I got to the “Lake”


Before I started the drawing “Lake,” I was envisioning similar images from “Floating Figures.”  I wanted to draw one circular figure that fills the whole paper.  Though when I had the basic wire lines transferred, I couldn’t find the connecting lines to make such a figure.  What I only saw were the lines going across from left to right.  It wasn’t easy to drop my original idea but I changed my plan and started connecting those horizontal lines.  And they looked like mountain ridge.

When I came back to the drawing the next day, I was stuck with the bottom portion of my sketch.  There were too many lines crowded and I couldn’t find the connecting lines to make a mountain ridge as easy as yesterday.  It was like solving a puzzle.  I just had to guess which lines won’t going to be needed and erased them and kept looking for connecting lines.  And the next interesting marks formed a circular shape.  It was a lake!  In the middle of the mountains.  Now it all finally made sense: there are mountains, a lake inside and streams coming down.  It was like I left for a journey to find a lake if it were a real life.